Woodland Cottage, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

About Us

Greenwods is a family run and owned business founded in 1993 by father and son Derek and Scott greenwood. Based in Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex we undertake groundwork and reinforced concrete contracts, with a catchment area of a 50 mile radius from home base. We undertake anything from a few days work up to contracts in excess of £500'000 in size. The company is presently run by Scott Greenwood and is run with a 'can do' attitude that has always been present.

Our Services

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RC Structures

We offer a wide array of reinforced concrete work including retaining walls, frames, ringbeams etc...


We also specialise in groundwork with a focus on drainage, foundations, oversites and underpinning.


We are able to excavate in the highway and install kerbing, sewer connections, public footpaths and any other local authority work.

Drainage Supplies

We supply all 110mm and 160mm underground drainage goods, delivery or collection available on all products.


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